Lauren Holliday

Journalist with a marketing mindset

Boston, MA

Lauren Holliday

Lauren Holliday is a journalist with a marketing mindset. She has written for publications and blogs across the U.S.


Why you need to read, and how to do it efficiently

Reading isn't just for writers. Reading helps us learn more about our craft—whether it's marketing, management, engineering or teaching. It sparks new ideas and pushes us forward when we're in a slump. And best of all, it allows us to think in new ways, and escape the patterns and assumptions of our lives.

Working For This Startup Wasn't Hell — You're Just Old

A rebuttal to an excerpt of Dan Lyons’ new book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble. Say hi to Dan Lyons. You have to read the excerpt for his forthcoming book, Disrupted: My Misadventure in the Start-Up Bubble, to get what I’m saying. So go ahead, read it (click here). I’ll wait.

The Complete List of Famous Growth Hacks That Every Startup Needs To Know

Ever wonder how startups with no marketing budgets pop up overnight? Old people would tell you it’s through sales and marketing. Shane Snow would call it smartcutting, and Sean Ellis would say they growth hacked. All of the above are correct, but growth hacking has become the popular term; therefore, we’ll stick with growth hacking.

11 email tools every college student should be using today

I’m not sure when I became glued to my inbox, but I’m certain it wasn’t until after I left college. In fact, I very vaguely even recall using email in college. For the most part, communication took place on Blackboard, and really, the only emails I ever received were spammy, promotional stuff from my university.

You Must Learn How to Write a Damn Good Email

Everyday, I receive emails, LinkedIn smail (spam mail), texts and/or Facebook messages from people looking for resume help. I typically don’t respond to them – not because I don’t want to help but because they’re not listening to me when I tell them that any resume I create is NOT going to get them a job.

The Ultimate Email Toolkit: 16 Fantastic Email Tools

What’s more, survey respondents spent more time per week with email than any other digital activity – an hour more than popular digital diversions such as Facebook and texting. In other words, if you haven’t been focusing on improving your email marketing, you better prioritize it now, or your business may suffer.

What Paul Jarvis Can Teach Us about Building a Business

Want to make enough money in eight or nine months to last you for the rest of the year doing whatever the heck you want? So do we. That’s why we reached out to the man who does it – Paul Jarvis. For various reasons, there are more and more designers and developers entering the freelance economy than ever before.

8 Ways To Incentivize Interns When You Don’t Have The Cash

Let’s face it: it’s really easy to have penny-pincher syndrome in the startup world. With so many well-educated, jobless individuals, it’s easier than ever to underpay — or not pay someone at all — and call them an “intern.”. But sometimes, it’s helpful to step back and remember that you get what you pay for — or in this case, don’t pay for.

The Remote Internship Toolkit

I hear some version of this statement daily, and my answer is always: “Yes, you can very much effectively manage interns remotely.”. Then I shoot off the following question: “Have you heard of [insert name of really handy tool]?”. So here are the 10 tools I recommend to effectively manage interns remotely.

Freelancers, Interns: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Please raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally confused about hiring an intern. When you initially think about it, you envision a super (cheap) intern swooping in, saving yourself from all of the work you have no time to do. The feeling of tranquility quickly dissipates though as your head of swirls with the logistics.

The Startup Toolkit: New Resources to Get More Done

Entrepreneurs routinely take lessons from startup blogs that are not necessarily by startup founders but rather writers for big name magazines. It can get a bit redundant, and it can be difficult to find the golden needle in the haystack of junk on the Internet. If you’re founding a startup then this is most likely how your day plays out.

HubSpot’s Brian Halligan Offers Inbound Marketing Tips

Can you imagine coining not just one, but multiple buzzwords for an industry you ideated, launched and made popular around the world, all from scratch? HubSpot co-founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah transformed a massive, tradition-locked industry that was trying to tell people what to think and what to buy into a proactive marketplace where the customer is indeed always right, not always ignored.


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