Lauren Holliday

Journalist with a marketing mindset

Boston, MA

Lauren Holliday

Lauren Holliday is a journalist with a marketing mindset. She has written for publications and blogs across the U.S.


Working it: Demystifying the world of college internships

The college internship: It's a rite of passage for students, one so critical to the college experience that if you Google the word "internship," more than 91.7 million results overtake the computer screen. It used to be that prospective interns had to scrape up on-the-job experience with the help of advisers and on-campus internship offices that worked with local companies to help ambitious students find businesses willing to put them to work.
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Orlando College students are hooking up with rich older men through sugar-daddy websites. Is it modern romance, or just an easy way to the sweet life? She’s a busy sophomore at a big university in the South. She’s focusing on a double major in advertising/public relations and English, and she works part time in retail.
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Lauren Holliday



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